The Mobile Manual

The Complete Guide For Mobile App User Acquisition. 

Whether you're a new user acquisition manager navigating the intricacies of campaign optimization or a seasoned VP of growth overseeing overarching strategies, we believe knowledge is the cornerstone of effective problem-solving. 

Introducing The Mobile Manual - our latest resource built to help you confidently build a winning, outcome-based user acquisition strategy. 

Take the guesswork out of engaging and converting your ideal users - download our latest guide to gain insight into: 

  • Top channels for scale in 2024 - display, programmatic, reward, and more… 
  • How to optimize towards down-funnel events and track ongoing engagement metrics for efficient ad spend
  • Common challenges for today’s user acquisition manager and actionable solutions 
  • Future-proofing your user acquisition strategy with AI-powered, high-value placements
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