Ad Fraud and Compliance: A Guide for Performance Marketers

Ad Fraud is Alive and Well - is Your Brand Protected?

At Perform[cb], we not only look to provide our marketers with unparalleled brand assurance and proactive compliance, but to combat fraud as a whole across our industry. In an effort to equip digital marketers with better compliance resources, our industry-leading in-house compliance team has developed Ad Fraud and Compliance: A Guide for Performance Marketers, where we provide a transparent view into the fraud marketers are up against and the real-life measures we employ to combat it. This guide is a comprehensive overview of the fraud-types we face today, the statistics surrounding them, and exclusive case studies for a real-life look into how fraud is caught and eradicated.

In this guide you’ll uncover:

  • How modern ad fraud has affected affiliate marketers across devices, campaign types, and verticals.

  • The most popular forms of ad fraud in today’s market and how to shield your brand against fraudsters and bots.
  • Modern compliance practices that ensure your brand quality standards are being enforced and upheld for all partners.

  • Where ad fraud is headed next and what measures marketers need to take in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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