The 2024 State of Lead Generation Report

Transform Your Lead Generation Strategy. 

43% of marketers think their current lead nurturing strategies need improvement - are you one of them?

Lead quality, traffic inconsistencies, team bandwidth, you name it - all likely roadblocks you’ve encountered within your brand’s lead generation campaigns. 

So, how can you create an omnichannel lead gen strategy that actually converts your ideal customers? We’ve accumulated the insights and research necessary to help you build a strong foundation…

Download the 2024 State of Lead Generation Report to access: 

🔥 The guaranteed way to differentiate your lead gen strategy 

🔥 How search, programmatic media, social media, and pay per call are leading the charge as effective lead gen sources 

🔥 Emerging trends and predictions around AI (duh), user-generated content, and personalization

🔥 An example of a PCB marketer who saw 56% Increase in CVR MoM and what made their lead gen strategy successful 

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