The Guide to Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Uncover new challenges and discover how to plan ahead this year!

It’s official, the ball has dropped and the confetti has cleared - now what? Every marketer recognizes this as the universal signal that it’s time to get down to business. However, given the consistent shift in consumer buying behaviors coupled with the steady surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, crafting a cutting-edge strategy in 2021 may be more challenging than digital marketers realize.

With more than 20 years of performance marketing experience, Perform[cb] knows a thing or two about pivoting at a moment's notice - that’s the “why” behind this guide! Marketers looking to prepare their brand for the trials and tribulations of the months ahead can use our guide and its insights to uncover key themes to plan for the future.

Once you download this guide, you’ll have exclusive insight into digital marketing trends such as:

  • How to diversify your marketing strategy to take advantage of up and coming platforms, reducing your dependence on advertising’s Big 3
  • The importance of speaking to a wide range of demographics in marketing and advertising
  • How to natively convey your brand’s sustainable, philanthropic, and social awareness efforts
  • What steps you can take to make sure the data you’re collecting is in alignment with shifting privacy regulations
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